Terry L. Millslagle

Schuyler County Coroner
102 S. Congress St., Ste. 401  |  Rushville, IL  62681
fax 309-214-6735

Terry joined the Office of Schuyler County Coroner in 2003. In 2009, attended the 40-Hour Coroner’s Training Course and was named Chief Deputy. In June of 2014 was Appointed Coroner after the Retirement of Dennis O. Lane. In December of 2014, was named Schuyler County Coroner.


  • Crime Lab Procedures
  • Illinois Law Enforcement Standards and Training Board Certified Blood Spatter Course
  • Evidence Collection and Preservation
  • Federal, State and Local Law
  • Registered Illinois Vital Records System
  • Curriculum Development Problem Resolution
  • Employee Training and Development
  • Illinois Law Enforcement Standards and Training Board Certified Firearms Qualified
  • Illinois Law Enforcement Standards and Training Board Certified Interview Procedures

Meet Our Team

Michael J. Hardy
Senior Deputy Coroner, Investigator

Michael joined the Office in 2014 and attended the 40-hour Coroner’s training Course in 2017 through the Illinois Coroner and Medical Examiners Association and was named Senior Deputy Coroner.

William S. Thompson
Deputy Coroner, Investigator

Bill joined the Office in 2014 and has attended Medico-Legal Investigation Courses through the Illinois Coroner and Medical Examiners Association. Bill is also a fireman with the Schuyler County Fire Protection District. Bill is also Illinois Law Enforcement Standards and Training Board Certified Firearms Qualified.

Cheri Tripplett
Deputy Coroner, Investigator

Cheri joined the Office in 2022 and has attended Medico-Legal Investigation Courses through the Illinois Coroner and Medical Examiners Association.

Our Goal

Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality of Medico-legal death investigation in the most professional manner. Our office strives to serve our community with compassion while giving your loved one the dignity they deserve. – Coroner Terry L. Millslagle

When Death Occurs...Common Concerns and Help

Truly, the only universal experiences we share are birth and death. With birth, there is joy and elation. In death, there is sorrow and grief.

It is our hope that the Schuyler County Coroner's Office can help you through this trying time and resolve the questions you may have regarding the death of your loved one.

On behalf of our entire staff, we wish to express our sympathies at your time of loss and encourage you to call upon us if we may help in any way.

The primary responsibility of the Schuyler County Coroner's Office is to investigate all sudden and unexpected deaths that occur within the County. Sudden and unexpected does not always mean violent and/or traumatic, but those deaths are also investigated. The Coroner and staff have two specific duties when investigating a death; to determine cause of death (the medical reason why a person has died) and manner of death (the circumstances surrounding the death). Our daily tasks include but are not limited to responding to death scenes, collecting data, interacting with law enforcement personnel, identifying the decedent, notifying next of kin, scheduling autopsy exams, following up with physicians, preparing Coroner certificates of death and conducting inquests when necessary.

The Coroner is largely involved in public safety and serves as protector of the people. The Coroner has the same powers as the Sheriff.  Should the Office of the Sheriff become vacant, the Coroner performs all the duties as required by law to be performed by the Sheriff, and retains those powers until another Sheriff is appointed or elected.

The Coroner issues Coroner's death certificates and cremation permits and also maintains records of all deaths in the County for which an inquest is held.

Mission Statement 

Compassion, professionalism, public service and fiscal responsibility to the citizens of Schuyler County are priorities for the Coroner and staff.

Case Totals Monthly Reports

Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a federal law enacted in 1966 to provide the public a right of access to government documents and records, the premise being that the public has a right to know what the government is doing. The act states that any person may request an agency for a copy of its records, and that the agency must provide such records, unless an exemption exists that protects the records from disclosure. While the Freedom of Information Act requires records be made available to the public, it does not mean free of cost. Fees will be applied for services such as programming, consultants, copies, certification, and postage.  All fees must be prepaid. A request for documents and records pursuant to the FOIA must be in writing and identified as a "Freedom of Information Act" request. The Act requires a requestor to provide a reasonable description of the documents or records sought. A reasonable description is one that allows agency employees familiar with the subject matter to locate responsive records with a reasonable amount of effort. Requests that do not meet the reasonable description standard include requests for all records within a broad category.  If your request does not contain a reasonable description, we will return the request for clarification.  A precise description of the records you want will ensure responsible use of Coroner resources to satisfy your right of access while minimizing any processing costs to you. 

Fees Charged for Reports

State Mandated Fees for Commonly Requested Coroner's Documents

Coroner's records and reports will be available after the death certificate is issued. Illinois law requires that fees be charged for the various reports and records requested. The current fee schedule for copies of coroner’s records and reports is:

Coroner's Permit to Cremate$50
Investigation Report$50
Autopsy Report$50
Toxicology Report$25
Coroner's Initial Report$25
Autopsy and/or Scene Photo$3/photo
Coroner Ruling/Manner of Death Determination$15
Coroner's Inquest Transcript$5/page (if available)
Miscellaneous Report$25

A written request is required to obtain the documents. For further information or to obtain an order form and the fee schedule, please call the Coroner's Office, at 217-491-3250. You may also visit the Schuyler County Coroner’s Office Facebook page for more information.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact the Coroner's Office at 217-491-3250.

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