Mindy D. Garrett

Schuyler County Clerk and Recorder
102 S. Congress St., Ste. 104  |  Rushville, IL  62681
fax 217-322-6164

PLEASE NOTE: The office of the County Clerk cannot give legal advice.

Property Search

Images are available from 12-31-1986 forward. Data is available October 2005 thru current.


Laredo Subscription Agreement - Please contact Schuyler County Clerk’s Office for more information.

Property Fraud Alert

Honor Rewards

Recording Fees

The recording fee is $120.00 for all documents except plats, which are $175.00.

Plat Approval Dates for 2024

Plats Due to County Clerk Plat Committee County Board
January 2January 5January 8
February 5February 9February 13
March 4March 8March 11
April 1April 5April 8
May 6May 10May 13
June 3June 7June 10
July 1July 5July 8
August 5August 9August 12
September 2September 6September 9
October 7October 11October 15
November 4November 8November 12
December 2December 6December 9

Please note that in order to give all parties involved enough time to review the plats, they MUST be presented by Monday at noon prior to the plat committee meeting or the plat will be placed on the following month’s agenda.