Kay Paisley

Schuyler County Circuit Clerk
102 S. Congress St., Ste. 103  |  Rushville, IL  62681
fax 217-322-6164

Monday - Friday  |  8 am - 4 pm

PLEASE NOTE: The office of the Circuit Clerk cannot give legal advice.

The Circuit Clerk is elected by the citizens for a four year term as a non-judicial office of the Judicial Branch of Illinois State Government.

The duties of the Circuit Clerk are set forth by Statute, Rules of the Supreme Court, and the Administrative orders of the local Circuit Court.  The Circuit Clerk is responsible for maintaining a record of all traffic, civil, and criminal cases filed and heard in Schuyler County.

On a daily basis, the office interacts with the public and Attorneys performing several functions including the collection and disbursement of fines and fees.

This office is also responsible for recording filed documents and maintaining a record of all Court proceedings.

The Clerk and/or the Deputy Clerks are required to attend sessions of the Court and keep and preserve all records and files of the Court.

The Circuit Clerk’s office handles the following case types: traffic, felony, misdemeanor, small claims, civil, dissolution (divorce), adoption, & probate.

Pay for a

Traffic, Conservation & Ordinance Violation

If you are paying for a MAY APPEAR (no court appearance required) Traffic citation:

  1. You can plead guilty and pay online @ www.judici.com
  2. You can pay in person with a signed guilty plea.
  3. You can mail a money order or certified check with a signed guilty plea to the Circuit Clerk’s office. *Personal checks are not accepted & do not send cash in mail.
  4. If paying in person-- we DO NOT accept credit/debit cards.

Payments on court-payable matters (cases that have been to court and have fines, fees, & costs already assessed) can be paid by cash, money order, or certified check.  They can also be paid by credit/debit card online at www.judici.com.

**Check Court Dates on www.judici.com

Request a


You can apply for a US Passport through our office.  Forms are available in our office or at travel.state.gov

~MUST BE IN OFFICE BY 3:30PM with application complete~

To apply for a passport you will need specific information; please refer to travel.state.gov.

Regular Delivery Fees

Passport Type Processing Fee* Application Fee** Total Fees
Adult Book$35$130$165
Adult Card$35$30$65
Adult Book & Card$160$35$195
Minor Book (under 16)$35$100$135
Minor Card (under 16)$35$15$50
Minor Book & Card (under 16)$35$115$150

*Processing fees can be paid by cash, certified check, or money order (make payable to Schuyler County Circuit Clerk)

**Application fees MUST BE paid by certified check or money order (make payable to US Dept. of State)

Expedite Fees 

  1. Add $78.32 for each expedited application payable to US Dept. of State in addition to the application fee.
  2. Obtain prepaid overnight envelope from the Post Office BEFORE coming in to submit application.

Estimated Delivery times

Regular Delivery 8-11 weeks

Expedite Delivery 5-7 weeks

Nicole L. Kopec

Court Reporter Supervisor
Official Court Reporter


Civil Filing Fees